UPDATE 20.11.2020: New message "RapidTestResult" available

New message "RapidTestResult" available as a result of the broadening of the COVID-19 Test and Trace strategy.

UPDATE 19.10.2020: Update of the "TestPrescribedReasonCodelist"

Because of the launch of a central national laboratory test reservation tool (NL / FR) , an update of the "TestPrescribedReasonCodelist" in the message LaboratoryTestPrescription is needed.

Last week (12-18.10.2020), an update with different codes for General Practitioners, Triage posts, Hospitals and Laboratories was communicated. Based on recent feedback of ICT service providers, the new official "TestPrescribedReasonCodelist" was simplified by providing only 1 list of codes, independent of the type or context of prescription.

In the document "TestPrescribedReasonCodelist" a mapping between the old and the new codes is provided. Also, the new codes are indicated.