UPDATE 15.06.2020: Quality feedback. Starting of 14 June, healthdata.be sends each day a quality feedback for the message "LaboratoryTestResult" towards each laboratory. Currently, the quality feedback focuses on the use of valid values for the variables "TestCode" and " TestResult". The contact person provided by the laboratory receives the quality feedback via email.

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UPDATE 15.05.2020: Please provide following helptext for physician at start of "AlertSuspectedCaseNoTestPerformed" form: “If you have already filled in the eForm“ Laboratory Test Prescription for SARS-CoV-2 ” and are waiting for the results, it is not necessary to fill in this form " Alert Suspected Case No Test Performed". This form can be used to request direct contact tracking if you have a very strong suspicion of contamination with COVID-19, regardless of a possible lab result. "

A successful exit strategy from the lockdown situation in the context of the Covid-19 crisis requires breaking the chain of infections. Part of this strategy is the detection of persons who have been in contact with infected persons in recent days. These persons are then quarantined and possibly tested. The COVID-19 LaboratoryTestResult Database is created by the Belgian National Comittee for Testing and Tracing.

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