UPDATE 12.08.2020 (11h30): Changes in messages and new message: On request of the Interfederal working group "Testing and Contact Tracing" the definition of the messages LaboratoryTestPrescriptionLaboratoryTestResultResultFlagsSuspicionFalseNegativeTest , and AlertSuspectedCaseNoTestPerformed, have been update with some minor changes. Also, clinical biologists and the Interfederal Risk Assessment Group acknowledge the increasing importance of the registration of false positive test results (PCR/Antigen). Therefore, a new message ResultFlagsSuspicionFalsePositiveTest was created. ICT service provider of Belgian hospitals, laboratories, GP's and Triage posts are kindly requested to implement these changes as soon as possible and no later than 31.08.2020.

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A successful exit strategy from the lockdown situation in the context of the Covid-19 crisis requires breaking the chain of infections. Part of this strategy is the detection of persons who have been in contact with infected persons in recent days. These persons are then quarantined and possibly tested. The COVID-19 LaboratoryTestResult Database is created by the Belgian National Comittee for Testing and Tracing.

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