COVID-19 Call Center

A. The role of the call center

The call center will be deployed to:

  • contact infected persons by telephone and find out with whom they have recently been in contact;
  • contact persons who have recently come into contact with an infected person and ask them to take the necessary measures.

B. Who organizes what?

The federal government

  • collects information about the infected persons from the clinical labs, hospitals and general practitioners. The persons to be contacted by the call center are included in call orders from the contact center.

The Communities and Regions

  • jointly draw up the scenarios for the agents of the call center;
  • each appoint the call center agents for their target group.

For efficiency reasons, it is recommended that all call center employees appointed by all Regions and Communities can use the same software platform. The call center platform will be made available by Smals vzw on the basis of the results of a market consultation. Smals vzw will also act as a remote IT helpdesk for call center employees.

C. More information

D. Architectuur

E. Contact investigation process

F. eLearning modules

G. Scripts