When patients visit a physician, being a general practitioner, or working at a triage post or hospital, and the patient meets criteria for a test but does not want to be tested, the physician needs to complete a specific COVID-19 AlertSuspectedCaseNoTestPerformed form.

UPDATE 15.05.2020: Please provide following helptext for physician at start of "AlertSuspectedCaseNoTestPerformed" form: “If you have already filled in the eForm“ Laboratory Test Prescription for SARS-CoV-2 ” and are waiting for the results, it is not necessary to fill in this form " Alert Suspected Case No Test Performed". This form can be used to request direct contact tracking if you have a very strong suspicion of contamination with COVID-19, regardless of a possible lab result. "

A. Content of the message

Translations into Dutch and French of the variables can be found here.

VariablesDESCRIPTION Instructions
PatientIdentificationNumberPatient NISS identification numberFormat NISS: 11 numbers;
Web service ConsultRn (NL / FR)
Validation: modulo97
FirstNamesPatThe person’s official first namesMandatory IF no NISS
LastNamePatThe person’s official last nameMandatory IF no NISS
StreetStreet name of the addressMandatory IF no NISS
HouseNumberHouse number of the address Mandatory IF no NISS
HouseNumberLetter A letter following the house number Mandatory IF no NISS
PostcodePostcode of the addressMandatory IF no NISS
Municipality Municipality of residence Mandatory IF no NISS
Country Country in which the address is located Mandatory IF no NISS
DateOfBirthPatient’s date of birth. An incomplete date (such as only the year) is permitted Mandatory IF no NISS
SexPatient’s administrative sexMandatory IF no NISS
TelephoneNumberMobilePat The patient's mobile telephone numberMandatory
TelephoneNumberLLPatThe patient's landline telephone numberOptional, Mandatory IF no TelephoneNumberMobilePat
HealthcareOrElderlyCareWorkerIs the patient a healthcare worker or elderly care worker? Boolean;
1 (yes), 0 (no)
Mandatory ;
FirstNamesContp1The contact person’s official first namesOptional
LastNameContp1The contact person’s official last nameOptional
TelephoneNumberMobileContp1The contactperson's mobile telephone numberOptional
TelephoneNumberLLContp1The contactperson's landline telephone numberOptional
RelationshipContp1The relationship with the contactpersonRelationshipCodelist;
Single select choice ;
FirstNamesContp2The contact person’s official first namesOptional
LastNameContp2The contact person's official last nameOptional
TelephoneNumberMobileContp2The contactperson's mobile telephone numberOptional
TelephoneNumberLLContp2The contactperson's landline telephone numberOptional
RelationshipContp2The relationship with the contactpersonRelationshipCodelist;
Single select choice ;
Optional ;
EncounterContactTypeThe type of contact with the health professional. ContactTypeCodelist;
Single select choice ;
Optional ;
EncounterStartDateTimeThe date and optionally, the time at which the contact took placeOptional. Format for DateTime should be "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss"
ProblemStartDateOnset of the symptoms. If no symptoms, complete with 1900-01-01. Mandatory. Format for Date should be "YYYY-MM-DD"
HealthProfessionalIdentificationNumberDmgThe health professional NIHDI identification number of the DMG owner Format: 8 consecutive numbers, as in COBRHA (NL/FR), and therefore without punctuation marks such as spaces, periods, underscores or hyphen and without the authorization code);
SuspectedCaseNoTestPerformedRequire contact tracing because very strong suspicion and no possibility to perform the testBoolean;
Default value: "1";
MobileAppTestIdIdentifier (17 digits) generated in the Coronalert app on the phone of the patient and communicated by the patient to the doctor. Links a test to a phone.Text (maximum 17 characters)
Mandatory IF patient has Coronalert app installed IMPORTANT: Validation rule provided by DevSide. (UPDATE: 01.09.2020)
MobileAppDatePatientInfectiousContains the date the patient became infectious, and is displayed in the Coronalert app of the patient.Format: YYMMDD
Mandatory IF patient has Coronalert app installed
MobileAppAlertPatient has received a high risk alert in the Coronalert app.Boolean: "Y" / "N"
Mandatory IF patient has Coronalert app installed

B. Valuesets

C. Points of attention

  • In case the patient has a NISS or a NISS Bis number, the regular address information, date of birth and gender should not be provided. This information is available at the COVID-19 central database, through ConsultRN.
  • In case the patient has no NISS or a NISS Bis number, a NISS should be created using the ConsultRN integration in EMD or HIS:
    • This is also the case for foreign tourists.
      • In that case, the address information of his / her stay in BELGIUM should be recorded in the LaboratoryTestPrescription form.
      • As for the field “Country”, the country of permanent residence should be recorded in the LaboratoryTestPrescription form.
  • In case the patient is a minor (child), one of the parents, guardian or legal representative, should be provided as first contact person to (“FirstNamesContp1”; “LastNameContp1”; “TelephoneNumberMobileContp1”).

D. Destinations

The completed COVID-19 AlertSuspectedCaseNoTestPerformed form should be transferred directly to the:
• COVID19 Laboratory Test Result Database

The transfer methods available for the message LaboratoryTestPrescription form are described in the "Technical guidelinses".